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    In a few short minutes through one of our volunteers you can donate a boat of any type directly to charity, from anywhere in Alabama! In return for your charity you’ll be eligible for a full fair market value tax deduction directly from the IRS or, if you have an appraisal a full appraised value tax deduction. This could mean thousands off on this year’s federal taxes and is something that can be carried over for five consecutive years thereafter. Donate with us and you may be able to receive a free vacation on top of federal savings! Call today to find out more about Alabama boat donation with us at 1-888-228-7320. We are here seven days a week so call anytime.

    Do you have an appraisal? | An appraisal could mean extended savings for Alabama boat donation
    Very few charitable organizations offer the chance to receive full appraised value federal tax deduction savings for boat donation to charity. At we not only allow our donors to receive full appraised value we specialize in it providing more full appraised value tax deductions than any other charitable organization in the United States! If you’re interested in receiving these extended benefits and locking in appraised value tax deduction prior to donation give us a call. Our team members will provide all necessary donation paperwork to lock in your full appraised value eligibility and can even put you in touch with an appraiser if you need an appraisal prior to Alabama boat donation.

    Repair | restoration | free vacation! All yours through qualified Alabama boat donation!
    Each boat that is donated to us in Alabama will receive a top to bottom review to guarantee that we maximize each federal tax dollar available. In our review we may find repairs that could be made to drastically increase the full fair market value of your boat. This could mean thousands more in federal tax savings for you and of course thousands more for our beneficiaries which include community causes right in your area. These repairs would be 100% free to you! In certain cases we may go as far as full restoration of your boat back to an elegant showroom finish! Full restoration can drastically improve market value of most boats and can be free to you! Call today to learn more.

    A free vacation is also yours for each boat donation you make with $500 or more! Extended repairs or possible restoration could bring a boat worth $100 well past the $500 minimum and help you receive a free vacation offer from us! Lock in these savings with just five minutes time through one of our helpful volunteers.
    Call today or click here to fill out our online Alabama boat donation form. Submit the details for your boat donation to charity or ask a question. We are here seven days a week to help you give back to Alabama boat donation to charity.

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