Charity Boat Donation FAQWe collected the most frequently asked boat donation questions below, enjoy!!

  • What exactly is a boat donation?

    A boat donation is the relinquishing of your boat or other watercraft to charity. We then ensure that our generous donors receive tax deductions, which can end up being worth more than the personal sale of the boat donation itself!

  • Where do the proceeds from my boat donation go and why donate to

    All profits from your boat donation go towards assisting our charity with its goal of fighting poverty, hunger and homelessness along with many other causes. Boats 2 Charity, owned and operated by Giving Center (EIN# 92-1162407), is a nationally recognized charity with a long standing dedication to aiding all in need throughout the United States. We offer free nationwide pickup of your donation, and are dedicated to making sure our generous donors are taken care of. We ensure this by giving back to our donors the maximum possible tax deduction.

  • "Fair Market Tax Deduction", what does that mean and are there any other benefits?

    Essentially it means that we are committed to obtaining all possible tax benefits for our donors. We do this by going the extra mile with your donation, by way of refurbishing, to ensure your boat is at its highest market value. By doing this we confer the highest return for you!
    We offer free vacation vouchers with your donation, with a minimum value limit.
    We know you are the reason we are able to do the good we do. So why not get the rewards for it?

  • I own a large boat, is that going to be an issue? Do you accept large boats / yacht donations?

    We accept all boat donations, and are the most experienced organization handling large boat donations. Our organization is so knowledgeable we are the group that other charities call to assist them with hauling their large vessels. Our nationwide service is, as always, at the ready to assist our donors. We will even take care of any coast guard filing with no charge to you.

  • What about personal watercraft, or maybe a canoe or motorboat?

    We accept all forms of PWC and are one of the few charities that accept canoes, paddle boats and other non motorized watercraft in addition to motorized crafts. We have agents nationwide who will pick up your donation with no charge to you and are at the ready to assist you.

  • When will I obtain my donation documents for my tax deduction?

    Upon pick up our agents will provide you with a temporary donation receipt. This will act as proof of you boat donation and will be a reminder of your generosity. After final sale of your donation your tax documents will be mailed to you within 60 days of the initial pick up.

  • Where can you pick up my donation from?

    We offer free nationwide service to all 50 states. With very few exceptions we will do what it takes to pick up your donation.

  • Where do I start?

    You can start either by calling us at (888)-888-7187 to schedule an appointment. But if you aren't quite ready we are ready and willing to answer any and all questions you may have. Or if you prefer you can fill out a contact information sheet by following the contact us link.

  • Do I need a title for my boat to make a donation?

    That depends largely on the state you live in. If you live in a state where this is not required then you can begin donation right away! If you live in a state where you must have a title, but are unsure of what the title may be we have recovery agents who will help you so that you can begin your donation.

  • What if my boat needs some TLC

    No worries, we will take care of your donation. Through truly dedicated volunteers we will refurbish your donation to ensure that it can reach its maximum potential. Meaning you get the maximum benefits on your tax deduction.

  • My boat donation was turned away by another boat donation organization...

    We are not other organizations. We accept every donation with very few exceptions. We are determined to go the extra mile for you to ensure that your donation is put to good use. And we will give your donation the individual care it requires.

  • Well I don't have a boat but I have a trailer, can I donate that?

    Absolutely! We see every donation as valuable and can utilized your donation to help with other boat donations. And depending on the state in which you reside we can make the title transfer process simple, if your state requires it at all! But if your state does require it, but you may not know or remember it, we will help you! Most states have additional ways to transfer without title.

  • Where do I locate my Hull Identification Number (HIN)

    Your HIN, which functions much like a VIN on a car, can be found on the starboard or right side of your boat. It can also be found on your state boat registration certificate.

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