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Boats 2 Charity Testimonials

  • "Me and my family were in the process of moving to Arizona from California. Problem was we had this boat sitting at dock that we could no longer use. It was a little worse for wear but held some close family memories. When we couldn't sell it due to the damages to it I was almost at a loss. Thankfully I stumbled upon Boats 2 Charity just when I had about given up hope. They took my boat without issue and made our move that much easier."

    Frank - Arizona boat donor

  • "I grew up my whole life fishing. But as I have gotten on in years I have had a harder time trying to get out to the water. I finally broke down and sold my boat, but the buyer didn't want or need the boat trailer. I had the thing sitting around before my grandson found Boats 2 Charity for me. They took my trailer and helped me out every step of the way to make sure I got the most back for my donation."

    Phil - Oregon boat trailer donor

  • "Recently my husband and I went through a separation. When all was said and done I ended up with two watercrafts I didn't have any need for. I did a little research and found Boats 2 Charity. As a newly single mom they made it stress free for me, by handling the pick up with no charge to me. They have my thanks for all the help they gave."

    Grace - Florida boat donor

  • "Boats 2 Charity is fantastic! They helped me get my boat appraised, and even cleaned it up to get a higher return value. Basically they worked for me to get me a higher overall appraised tax deduction for my boat donation. This was stellar come tax time, when I only had to deal with half the taxes I would have normally had to."

    Andrew - California boat donor

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