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    Very few charitable organizations accept boat donations because they lack the resources to turn them around and convert them into proceeds and services for their beneficiaries. At we are professionals who specialize in boat donation and support thousands of beneficiaries which include great community causes right in your area. If you have a boat in Alaska that you would like to give to charity or would just like to get off your property give us a call! We can have your Alaska boat donation removed in as little as a week and in some cases sooner if you need it. Everything starts with a phone call from you and five minutes of your time over the phone with one of our helpful volunteers. Call today to learn more at 1-888-228-7320 or click here to fill out our online Alaska boat donation form. The form is secure and allows you to submit a question or your entire boat donation from anywhere in Alaska all 100% free of charge!

    The benefits of Alaska boat donation to charity
    Not only do you have the opportunity to send thousands to your favorite charitable causes all at once, but you also have the chance to receive thousands in federal tax deduction savings for your boat donation from anywhere in Alaska all free of charge! All you have to do is give us a call and let us handle the rest. Our staff will go to work to transform your boat donation into proceeds for our beneficiaries and can even allow you to choose the charitable causes that your boat donation benefits. Your generosity returns a full fair market value tax deduction and the possibility of a free vacation offer from us for each boat donation made worth $500 or more.

    If you have a current appraisal you can unlock extended benefits through full appraised value tax deduction. Donate a boat worth $5000 and it’s a good idea to have an appraisal in hand along with it. It can secure the highest form of tax deduction savings for you each time you give a boat to charity. Need an appraisal? Call today and we can put you in touch with an appraiser in your area.

    Your Alaska boat donation can support more than just one charity or one individual. It’s large enough that he can provide years of support for several charities all at once! If you are looking for an amazing way to give back to your favorite charitable causes and/or just looking for a way to remove a boat from your backyard or out of the storage facility that is burning a hole in your pocket give us a call. In less than a week we can have your boat donation transformed into support and services for those in need and a donation receipt in your hand which will allow you to realize a full fair market value/full appraised value tax deduction! Call today, spend five minutes over the phone and donate your next Alaska boat to charity with us!

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