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    Are you aware of just how easy it is to make a boat donation to charity? While many charitable organizations complicate things or flat out don’t accept boat donations at all we have done just the opposite by streamlining the process of Kansas boat donation to charity. has provided millions to charity with boat donations from around the United States and the generosity of boat owners right in Kansas. If you are looking for a way to get rid of a boat, secure federal tax savings for yourself and provide lasting support for charitable causes in need call today toll-free at 1-888-228-7320 and speak with one of our Kansas boat donation volunteers. They are here seven days a week to help you make a real difference for charity through the gift of boat donation.

    A little elbow grease and a little time could mean thousands more for you and for charity!
    Some Kansas boat donations that come through our doors just need a little TLC to drastically improve their market value. You know that improved market value can secure thousands more in federal savings for you and give the same in proceeds for charity! If you think your Kansas boat may qualify for free repairs from us give us a call. We can transform your next Kansas boat donation into our next restoration project!

    A full appraised value tax deduction with us for your next Kansas boat donation
    Donate today with a current appraisal in hand and we will make sure to follow all necessary IRS guidelines to guarantee you receive your eligibility for full appraised value tax deduction savings. A full appraised value tax deduction could lock in thousands and in certain cases hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal savings good for up to six years of use for you the donor. It can also secure lasting support for our beneficiaries. We are willing to help you with your next full appraised value tax deduction through boat donation once you are ready to give back.
    The gift of your boat in Kansas could be the largest charitable donation you ever make! We would like to help you provide a gift for charity that can significantly improve the lives of families and charitable programs right in your area. Call today to find out more about just how easy it is to give back through boat donation Kansas.

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