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    The donation of a Minnesota boat to charity can be extremely beneficial. Yes I know what you’re thinking of course it can be beneficial to charity; your giving a boat for free to them! Well, it can also be extremely beneficial to you. You can receive federal savings based on the fair market value or in some cases the full appraised value of your boat and when you donate with us you have the additional benefit of possibly receiving free repairs at no cost to you which can drastically improve market value and your federal tax savings. Donate a boat worth $500 or more and we will throw in a free vacation offer on top of your federal eligibility from the IRS. Call today to find out more at 1-888-228-7320 or feel free to submit a question through our online Minnesota boat donation form by clicking here.

    You can also submit your entire donation of a boat through our online form. Call today to give or fill out our secure online form and have a donations volunteer contact you back when you’re ready.

    Do you have an appraisal for your Minnesota boat donation? We can help you maximize tax savings when you’re ready to give. An appraisal means that you have a current valuation from a certified appraiser. This current appraisal in the eyes of the IRS can often mean federal tax deduction savings for you as a dollar for dollar match of your appraised value. This full appraised value comes with strict regulations by the IRS that must be followed by both charity and donor. With us you can rest assured that we will follow all IRS guidelines each time you would like to become qualified for a full appraised value deduction. We can even put you in touch with an appraiser if you do not currently have an appraisal for your boat donation.

    The advantages of giving don’t stop with the proceeds that our beneficiaries receive. With Minnesota boat donation you can receive federal savings and the possibility of a free vacation offer from us! You can also receive our fast friendly customer service and save time with our quick boat transport throughout Minnesota. When you are ready to give back we are here to help you maximize the gains for yourself and your favorite charitable causes through Minnesota boat donation.

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