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    Need a boat removed from your house? Want to lock in tax savings on the federal level? Want to give back to charity in a unique way? You can accomplish all three of these things at once and in as little as five minutes over the phone through boat donation Pennsylvania and the help of one of our volunteers. Our professional Pennsylvania boat transport teams have established the largest transport network in the United States and have an extensive coverage area in Pennsylvania allowing us to pick up all types of boats from anywhere in the state free of charge usually in as little as a week. Interested in learning more about how your Pennsylvania boat donation to charity can lock in federal tax savings for you and possibly even a free vacation on top of the IRS savings? Simply call today and speak with one of our helpful volunteers at 1-888-228-7320 to find out more.

    You can also fill out our online Pennsylvania boat donation form here. The form is secure and offers a streamlined method for you to submit a question about boat donation in Pennsylvania or if you are ready, submit your entire donation details to make a hassle free donation with just a few clicks of your mouse!

    Free repairs and restoration for qualified Pennsylvania boat donations made with us
    If you make a boat donation that could use a little TLC or is in need of some serious repair let us know in advance. We will review your boat donation once it comes in and if possible make repairs or in certain cases complete full restoration. These improvements will increase fair market value and thus, increase in most cases, your federal tax savings. These repairs or the possibility of full restoration will never cost you a dime and will be completely at our expense. It is just another way that we show our Pennsylvania boat donors how much they mean to us and just how dedicated we are too giving every possible federal tax savings available for their boat gift.

    A Pennsylvania boat donation can provide years of services for constituents of wonderful charitable organizations right in your community. Our goal is to provide a network of support for quality charitable organizations and community programs throughout the United States. Our mission can only be a success with the help of your boat donation and the support a boat owners around the world! Call today to find out more about the difference you can make for your community through Pennsylvania boat donation.

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