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    Donate South Dakota boat to Boats 2 Charity .org

    Charitable boat donations South Dakota - Call toll free (888)-888-7187

    When you are ready, you have the opportunity to make a boat donation throughout South Dakota free of charge with us. We will provide a free vacation offer for each boat donation worth $500 or more whether it is in working order or not. We will also make a promise to you to help you reach the highest possible full fair market value tax deduction based directly on the market value of your South Dakota boat each time you give! When you are ready to learn more or if you’re ready to give a South Dakota boat now, contact one of our caring volunteer staff at 1-888-228-7320. You can also reach us anytime through our online form by clicking here.

    Full appraised value tax deduction with us for your South Dakota boat donation
    When you’re ready to give back, we are here to help you make a difference. This difference is a tax deduction for you and lasting support and services for those in need, through the proceeds of your boat donation. With us, you have an extended advantage to receive a full appraised value tax deduction for most qualified boat donations. All you have to do is have an appraisal in hand. A qualified appraisal plus our willingness to follow all IRS guidelines will ensure your eligibility for a full appraised value tax deduction for your South Dakota boat donation. Interested in receiving an appraisal? Call today and we will put you in touch with an appraiser in your area.

    Beyond full appraised value tax deduction savings a free vacation awaits you!
    When you donate a South Dakota boat worth $500 or more we will send you a free vacation offer; easy as that! No strings attached. You simply donate a boat in working order or not worth $500 or more at market value and we will send you a free vacation offer good for three days and two nights on a five-star cruise line or three days and two nights in a relaxing hotel at one of several fantastic locations on the East and West Coast.

    Call today to lock in all the opportunities that come with donating a South Dakota boat donation through a professional boat donation organization like us! You can provide years of support for your favorite community causes and our beneficiaries while also putting potentially thousands in tax deduction savings at your disposal which can be used for this year and up to five years after that to offset federal taxes owed. Call today to find out more or click above to fill out our online form if you are ready to donate now. Your next South Dakota boat donation could be the difference your beloved community program needs to survive and thrive.

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