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    Do you live in Seattle and have a boat that’s costing you hundreds of dollars in storage each month? Maybe your home owners Association is hassling you about that boat on the side of your house and it’s now time to get rid of it. Give that boat to charity running or not, with our help. Through our volunteers you can give seven days a week in less than five minutes over the phone. You can donate any type of boat including every make and model free of charge with us. Today could be the day you send thousands to your favorite community programs. Call toll-free anytime to ask a question or to give when you are ready at 1-888-228-7320.

    You can also donate through our online form by clicking here now. Our online Washington boat donation form is secure and allows you to lock in your donation of a boat.

    A full appraised value Washington boat donation
    We have helped more donors than any other boat donation charitable organization realize a full fair market value tax deduction for their boat donation. We have also helped provide full appraised value tax deductions for qualified boat donations and done so more times than any other charitable organization. We are experts when it comes to full appraised value tax deduction savings and would be more than happy to help you realize this extended advantage once you’re ready to give.

    Don’t forget that when you donate with us you’ll be eligible for not just tax savings but also a free vacation voucher. This free offer comes from us as long as you donate a boat worth $500 or more before the end of the year! Receive a full fair market value tax deduction and a free vacation good for a Bahamas cruise or hotel stay when you give with us.
    In Washington thousands of charities need your help. Our beneficiaries include some wonderful programs right in your area and with your help we can provide them years of lasting support. Call today to learn more or fill out our online form now if you are ready to give.

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