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    Charitable boat donations West Virginia - Call toll free (888)-888-7187

    In West Virginia you have the opportunity to change someone’s life through boat donation. If you own a boat whether it is in working order or not you can donate that West Virginia boat free of charge with us directly to community programs and charitable organizations right near you. If you like to learn more about how you can give back and how you can receive free boat transport from anywhere in the state give us a call. Our volunteer staff is here seven days a week at 1-888-228-7320.

    You can also make a West Virginia boat donation with us through our online West Virginia boat donation form. Click here to fill out the form. Securely donate a West Virginia boat online in just a few minutes time.

    Repairs and full restoration free from us! | A West Virginia boat donation advantage
    Donate with us and after a review you may be able to receive repairs or possible full restoration for your boat free of charge! We offer the opportunity for full restoration to select boat donations which can dramatically increase their full fair market value and the full fair market value savings to you the donor. We give a top to bottom review of each West Virginia boat donation that comes to us and will let you know immediately if your donation qualifies for this extended advantage. Call today to find out more!

    A full appraisal could mean more for your West Virginia boat donation to charity
    Donate a West Virginia boat before the end of the year and as long as you have a complete and qualified appraisal you’ll be eligible for a full appraised value tax deduction based directly on the appraisal value of your boat donation. This is a great way to lock in a donation value ahead of giving and, help secure potentially thousands in federal savings.
    Donate with us and you can also look forward to a free vacation offer as long as your boat donation is worth $500 or more. Meet this minimum donation requirement and we will send you a vacation offer free of charge good for a Bahamas cruise or three-day two night hotel stay.

    With free boat transport throughout the state, a chance for a free vacation offer, and the possibility for repairs or even full restoration of your next boat donation, now may be the best time to give. Call today to find out more about the benefits for both you and your favorite charitable causes when it comes to West Virginia boat donation with us!

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