Donate Yacht to charity Virginia, Much easier than selling! Yacht donations of any size accepted. Donate yacht and enjoy a fair market value tax deduction plus free transport anywhere Virginia. Donate yacht today!

Give To Thousands With One Yacht Donation To Charity! A Yacht Donation Can Be Transformed Into Years Of Lasting Services For Our Beneficiaries Who Are In Need Of A Helping Hand.

Virginia yacht donation

Hello and welcome to yacht donation Virginia. We appreciate all the past yacht donations from such areas as Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Suffolk area. Your past donations of yachts and large Sea Rays, Azimuts, Bayliners, and more have helped further our great causes! If you are looking into yacht donation please feel free to contact our office today at 1.888.888.7187. We would be happy to answer all of your questions. Fill out our Contact Form here if you prefer email.

Help I’m Drowning in Boat Slip Fees and Yacht Maintenance

We understand a yacht can be expensive to maintain? If you have moved or are no longer able to use your yacht as much as you’d like, you may want to consider donation of that yacht to charity. Rather than pay month after month of slip fees donate your Virginia yacht and receive huge IRS tax benefits as well as fair market value for your donation.

Please consider giving one of our helpful agents a call or completing our form online. With or without a trailer, we are able to pick up and move your yacht, anywhere in Virginia.

Donate Your Virginia Yacht | We Handle All Donation Paperwork

Remember, we will handle all Virginia yacht donation paperwork, any necessary Coast Guard paperwork and all state transfer documents required to make a full and complete donation. We offer this service free of charge to all donors. Receive maximum value for your donation hassle free. We take care of everything for you.

Free Yacht Removal Anywhere in Virginia

We offer fast free tow service throughout Virginia for all yachts big and small; with or without a trailer. We cover such main areas as, Richmond, Chesapeake, Roanoke, Alexandria, and anywhere else in Virginia. We work with your schedule to make sure pickup is smooth and hassle free. Make Virginia yacht donation one of the easiest things you’ll do this year!

The United States recognizes 501(c) 3 charitable organizations as a necessary and beneficial part our every community. Thousands of people are supported by charity, and your yacht donation can be the next plate of food or new coat for someone in need. Virginia is one of the most charitable states in the Union with some of the kindest people found anywhere on the planet. If you can give back, give today and receive a direct IRS benefit.

We will always go the extra mile to make sure your Virginia yacht donation receives the highest Fair Market Value allowed by the IRS.

We Provide Five Star Service For Our Yacht Donation Clients

WWe are here to serve you. When you decide to take advantage of Virginia yacht donation our knowledgeable agents are standing by. We ensure that all of your questions are answered so that you feel comfortable with the donation process. When you become informed about your options and all the great benefits available you will feel empowered to make the best decision. Contact our agents anytime; even if you just have a question. Virginia yacht donation is our field of expertise.

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